Renewable Energy Solutions
Company Profile
About US

PVATUS is a global renewable energy solutions group dedicated to the research, design, production, and marketing of photovoltaic (PV) systems.

Growing silicon ingot, slicing silicon wafer, assembling solar modules, designing solar electric applications, and marketing of quality solar power components in the global markets, PVATUS integrates a complete solar energy supply chain.

Solar PV Solutions

PVATUS Delivers Solutions:

  • Grid-tie Solar Power Station
  • Roof-top Solar Energy System
  • Color BIPV System
  • Off-grid Solar Lighting System
  • Solar EV Charging Station
  • Solar Water Pumping System
  • Solar Signaling System
  • Solar Telecommunication Station
  • Power Supply for Monitoring System
Value-Added Chain

The PVATUS business model covers all of the critical sectors within the value-added chain of solar energy systems: silicon ingot growing - silicon wafer slicing - solar modules assembling - solar applications engineering - PV systems components distribution - Purchase Power Agreement (PPA) financing. By focusing on value-added chain, made PVATUS a fast growing brand in solar industry.

System Design

Matching system layout to blueprints. System drawings for confirmed projects.

Success Story

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